Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whats in the paper baby?

My 1 year old neice is reading the newspaper! Really!

She sits with it, holding it in in her tiny hands and talks gibberish to herself or to the newspaper. Or maybe shes reading it out for the benefit of others. We are not too sure.

But shes seems mighty interested in it. Shes has entire discussions with herself on the news of the day! Or so we claim. Since none of us actually understand what shes saying anyways. Aaaah! Shes almost a pseudo intellectual!

She also insists on having books read out to her. She insists loudly! :-D Oh Im am so glowing with pride.

Though I wouldnt say the contents of the newspaper qualifies as good reading. Its good to know shes got the "hunger".

I bought her "Sleeping beauty" come time back. A single woman, runs away from home to live with 7 single men in the forest! Sleeps a lot! Has strange men kiss her before their first date.

Now, thats a story to tell your 1 year old niece. I think I know why shes gotten suddenly interested in reading. ;-)

Keep it up gurl! You're making your aunt damn proud!

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rads said...

lol, that's a tale I haven't heard before! :))

reading's good, very good. Keep that habit of the little one going. Mine does "homework" sometimes. It's a treat watching her seriously peering at the letters... ah, to be 2 or 3 again!