Monday, April 30, 2007

To Anonymous

A friend got an anonymous comment. A very nice anonymous comment. And he cannot stop wondering who it is. So, on behalf of my friend, heres

To Anonymous,

I can see you in my minds eye
Reading my lines
I see that glitter in your eyes as you
Read between the lines

I see the curve of your lips
Smile, As you read what I wrote
You push back your hair
Pull up those sleeves
And decide to appreciate it

You write a note
A note that says everything
And yet it says nothing
About you

I see you put your thoughts into words
And I see me wordless
Speechless, Touched, Moved
And restless

In my minds eye
I see you
But yet I don’t see you
Because I don’t know who to see

Closet Writer

I got a comment to my post I want to have trappings
This is the comment:

Till the time I was in solidarity
I wanted to have trappings with openings very few
But since the days you have come in my life
I wish to fly far away with you,

I want my flight with you to be as beautiful as it can
Be as smooth as it is, to float on a swan
Yes, in this messy world full of people all around
Its you with whom i wish to be closer with,
You're the greatest gift of god i have found

If you wake me up with a whisper so gentle
My mornings are as bright as the light of lantern
I might be alone in the dusty plains for hours
But the very thought of you makes the whole place
Filled with a sweet smell, life the fragrance of flowers

It takes a lifetime to live life to the fullest
But not so much when I have you and I and you become "we"
And now that I have you my love, let me carry the bags, let me do the shopping for you
Coz I have you, and you're the best gift that can be given to me.

I wish to listen to the songs you sing near the sand dunes
And dance along with you, we shall fling to the tunes
But the gentle breath of yours when am closer to you my dear
Is the sweetest of music I can ever hear

We shall travel the world, scale new heights and dive to the depths,
we shall enjoy life to the fullest and spend each day as it is so new
My dear, whatever steps we take, whatever things we do
May they be for getting closer to each other,
And remember, I always and always shall love you ,
Only and only YOU

Very beautiful and touching because it was written from someone to somebody very special.
I was lucky that it was shared with me as a comment.
Lowe I say!!! The secrets are spilling out of the closet!
Thanks ppl!

To Mumbai,

Slow down lady
Don't run so fast
The sights you are passing
Ain't gonna last

Don't laugh at them lady
Don't be rude
The people you are rejecting
It could have been you

Talk nicer lady
Don't shout so loud
Those whispers in your soul
Are waiting to get out

Don't close your eyes lady
Care a little more
That accident you're ignoring
It could have been you

Don't honk so, lady
Don't drive so fast
Where you going to
Why can't you stop

Don't hurry lady
Slow down, take a stroll
Look around you lady
There are stories to be told

Listen a little lady
Every smile, every tear
Its a million lives you are seeing
Its thousands of dreams and fears

A hundred cars lady
Single occupants in them
Furrowed brows look around me
Where are the families, where are the friends

Don't go in fast forward lady,
Pause a little while
Later you may wish
Hope you could rewind

Slow down lady,
Don't rush so
You have missed today completely
In search of tomorrows more


I am a born and bred mumbaikar. Except I live somewhere else now. Anyways, I was home for the weekend. And for the first time I realized that the noise and traffic unnerved me. I mean why was everybody rushing to get somewhere. Why was there no moment where everything justs stopped, like youve pressed the pause button. And you could walk around just looking at all the characters around you. Each car blaring its horn, has a story to tell. But why wasn't anybody bothering to find it out. Why the rush! The constant movement!

Anyways heard this later. And realized how apt it was! Its from "lage raho munnabhai"

Shaher ki is daud me daud ke karna kya hai?
Jab yehi jeena hai dosto to phir marna kya hai?

Paheli barish me train late hone ki fikr hai
Bhul gaye bhigte hue tahelna kya hai?

Serials ke kirdaaro ka saara haal hai malum
par maa ka haal puchhne ki fursat kise hai?

Ab ret pe nange pao tahelte kyu nahi?
108 hai chanel phir dil bahelte kyu nahi?

Internet ki duniya ke to touch me hai,
lekin pados me kon raheta hai jaante tak nahi.

Mobile, Landline sab ki bharmaar hai,
Lekin jigri dost tak pahuche aise taar kaha hai?

Kab dubte hue suraj ko dekha tha yaad hai?
Kab jaana tha shaam ka guzarna kya hai?

Toh Dosto Shaher ki es daud me daud ke karna kya hai
Jab yahi jeena hai to phir Marna kya hai?

Friday, April 27, 2007

The silence is too loud

I'm standing in a crowd
I don't see anybody around me

I'm whispering to be heard above the noise
I'm shouting to drown out the silence inside me

I eyes ache from all the people
The tear drops fall untouched

My palms are sweating from being pressed
The sands are slipping through my fingers

I talking to many a people many a time
I talking to stop listening to myself

I'm singing a song
But the volume is too loud to hear the music

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whats in the paper baby?

My 1 year old neice is reading the newspaper! Really!

She sits with it, holding it in in her tiny hands and talks gibberish to herself or to the newspaper. Or maybe shes reading it out for the benefit of others. We are not too sure.

But shes seems mighty interested in it. Shes has entire discussions with herself on the news of the day! Or so we claim. Since none of us actually understand what shes saying anyways. Aaaah! Shes almost a pseudo intellectual!

She also insists on having books read out to her. She insists loudly! :-D Oh Im am so glowing with pride.

Though I wouldnt say the contents of the newspaper qualifies as good reading. Its good to know shes got the "hunger".

I bought her "Sleeping beauty" come time back. A single woman, runs away from home to live with 7 single men in the forest! Sleeps a lot! Has strange men kiss her before their first date.

Now, thats a story to tell your 1 year old niece. I think I know why shes gotten suddenly interested in reading. ;-)

Keep it up gurl! You're making your aunt damn proud!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Found this....

Found this on Tia's. Thanks.

For the young who want to
by Marge Piercy

Talent is what they say
you have after the novel
is published and favorably
reviewed. Beforehand what
you have is a tedious
delusion, a hobby like knitting.

Work is what you have done
after the play is produced
and the audience claps.
Before that friends keep asking
when you are planning to go
out and get a job.

Genius is what they know you
had after the third volume
of remarkable poems. Earlier
they accuse you of withdrawing,
ask why you don't have a baby,call you a bum.

The reason people want M.F.A.'s,
take workshops with fancy names
when all you can really learn is a few techniques,
typing instructions and some-
body else's mannerisms
is that every artist lacks
a license to hang on the wall
like your optician, your vet
proving you may be a clumsy sadist
whose fillings fall into the stew
but you're certified a dentist.

The real writer is one
who really writes. Talent
is an invention like phlogiston
after the fact of fire.
Work is its own cure. You have to
like it better than being loved.

from The Moon Is Always Female, 1980

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mom's Birthday today

16th April 07
Virginia Tech
Structural Engg Class

I am sitting in the Structural Engg class. The professor is explaining trusses. We are supposed to solving the questions he's assigned to us.

But I keep thinking of this evening. Its mom's birthday today. Am really waiting to go home. My younger sister and I have planned a surprise birthday party for her. Its gonna be great. We gonna have cake- Strawberry. Its mom's favourite.

We've got presents for her. Katy, my sister-shes in high school. She cam eup with awesome idea for a birthday present. See, mom writes poetry. She doesn't talk about it too much but we know she's really proud of them. So we collected all of them and got them bound into a book. I designed a lovely cover for it. We even added a note in beginning wishing her and thanking her for all she's done. I think mom's gonna really love it. Can't wait to surprise her.

Katy'll be taking here SATs soon. She'll join college too. She's going to love it. I hope she joins VTech too. The Campus. The students. The courses. Everythings great.

Well, I'd better get back to the trusses. Forces, Stress...hmmm.


P.S.: Heard some strange rumour about someone getting shot in the
dormitories about an hour or 2 ago. Sheesh. Rumours are getting crazier by the day.

Anyways....hope this class gets over soon. I have to leave. Katy'll be waiting for me.

Katy says:
16th April 2007: Mom's Birthday today
Amy's didn't come home today.

I'm Al'right - Phil Vassar

Well it's been a long time glad to see your face
I knew we'd meet again another time another place
Can't believe it's been so many years
You'd better grab a chair and a couple of beers
Lookin' good in your three piece suit
You know I always knew you'd take the business route
You were always the one to follow the light and you look like you're doing alright

Been singin' for my rent and singin' for my supper
I'm above the below and below the upper
I'm stuck in the middle where money gets tight
But I guess I'm doin' alright

I'm all I'm all I'm alright
It's a beautiful day not a cloud in sight so I guess I'm doin' alright
O- oh o-oh, I'm alright
Got a good old friend here with me tonight and I guess I'm doin' alright

Well we had a lot of dreams when we were younger
They thought we were crazy but we had the hunger
We kept a lot of friends skipped a lot of class
Been on top of the world and knocked on our
We lost touch, we lost in love
We lost our minds when things got tough but
Beatin' time is a losin' fight and I guess I'm doin' alright

I'm all I'm all I'm alright
It's a beautiful day not a cloud in sight so I guess I'm doin' alright
O-oh o-oh I'm alright
I got a good old friend here with me tonight and I guess I'm doin' alright
Well I guess I'm doin' alright

Well I hate to see this evening end
God only knows when I'll see you again
Just send a fax or send me a letter or give me a call that would even be better
Give the kids a kiss for me and say hello to the family
And tell them all my future's lookin' bright
Well I miss 'em but I'm doin' alright
I said I miss 'em but I'm doin' alright
I'm all I'm all I'm alright
It's a beautiful day not a cloud in sight so I guess I'm doin' alright
O-oh o-oh, I'm alright
Got a good old friend here with me tonight and I guess I'm doin' alright
Well I guess I'm doin' alright
I'm doin' alright

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I smile when I'm angry,
I cheat and I lie.
I do what I have to do to get by.
But I know what is wrong
And I know what is right,
And I'd die for the truth in my secret life.
[Leonard Cohen in In my Secret Life]

It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak.
[Neil Gaiman, Dream Country]

WHY do I feel the need to be honest when I shouldn't be?
[Me, Today: 19 April 2007]


My friend Gautam Begde and I were chatting this morning. I was telling him I couldn't find the remaining lines to a first line "Would you be my tomorrow?". And as we were talking, he came up with this.

Would you be my tomorrow?
The biggest regret I had was
That I couldn't be your yesterday;
But today I realize it was because
May be I was meant to be your tomorrow

Wow. Creativity on the go.
Thanks buddy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My life in Tuscany

This the plan:
  1. Go to Tuscany, Italy
  2. Take Camera & laptop
  3. Rent a villa in Tuscany (e.g. above)
  4. Buy a bicycle or one of those Italian scooters
  5. Sleep on a 4 poster bed of teak wood with pristine white covers
  6. Get up
  7. Have leisurely breakfast, looking out over the rolling hills
  8. Go for walk, bicycle around the village/ town
  9. Take B&W/Sepia photographs of the life, people, the colorful market places
  10. Come back
  11. Sit down at my desk by the window and write for about an hour
  12. Prepare a light lunch of salad, sandwich and some local wine
  13. Listen to some soft music while lunching
  14. Take a nap for an hour after lunch
  15. Then write for 2-3 hours more
  16. Go through, and organize photographs
  17. Meet up with friends
  18. Go swimming in the lake
  19. Have coffee in one of the small cafes under porticoes
  20. Go dancing with Italian men
  21. Have dinner
  22. Lay down under my pristine white bed covers and read
  23. Sleep
  24. Also, have exhibitions all round the world of my photographs
  25. The books I write are critically acclaimed as well as best sellers.
  26. Oh yes, Call my fairy god mother and ask her to drop off the next installment of cash..this time ask her to send the satyr instead of the unicorn

P.S: This is what happens when you watch movies like "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Note to myself: Stop watching Italian fantasies

Note to friends, family and well wishers: Anybody want to sponser my life?

Friday, April 13, 2007

National Festival

I have a major problem with one of India's "leading" national dailies. For the simple reason that I don't consider it a newspaper.

For eg. A very graphic photo of a crocodile with a man's arm bitten off in its mouth...and this happened in the Taiwan city of Kaohsiung...Of course! Kaohsiung! Of course that's important to me!
This is supposed to be news for me. Gore on the front page just for selling!

Anyways, this daily tends to treat most frivolous events as if they are of national importance..front page news I say.
A photo of our cricket captain meeting his wife at the airport has earth shattering effects on the nation.
A photo of SRK/AB , etc scratching his ear is also of equal, or many a times, more importance than farmer suicides, land issues etc etc.

This morning, the mast head of the paper had the letters "T" and "H" of the word "THE" are made as images of a festival, which is a common practice and which is, i guess, fine, since the images are of a national festival.

But as I thought of what this daily normally features,
I was surprised to learn....and I quote my thought..
"You mean, the Abhi-Ash wedding is not a national festival????!!!!"

Surprised & Agape.
Tongue firmly in cheek.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I want to have trappings

I want to have trappings
And yet be able to fly...

I want to able to run
As far as I want
And wherever whenever I want
While walking back, every step will bring me closer to you

I want to climb trees
Explore branches
Pluck flowers from different bushes
And make a bouquet and bring back the fragrance for you

I'll walk around alone
I want to carry my own bags
I want to go shopping at flea markets
And bring back the gifts for you

I want to listen to music alone
Learn lyrics and practice notes
And then sing and play the song
For you

I will travel the world
Meet people and pick up an experience
Build new thoughts and take new steps
And in every thought and with every step
Will be the thought of coming back to you

I want to bungee jump
And bounce back to you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lag ja Gale...

"lag ja gale ki phir
ye hasin raat ho na ho
shayad phir is janam mein
mulakat ho na ho
lag jaa gale se ...

hum ko mili hai aaj
ye ghadiya naseeb se
jee bhar ke dekh leejiye
hamako kareeb se
phir apke naseeb mein
ye raat ho na ho
phir is janaam mein
mulakaat ho na ho

lag ja gale ki phir
ye hasin raat ho na ho……

pas aiye ki ham nahin
ayenge baar baar
bahen gale mein daal ke
ham ro le zaar-zaar
ankhoon se phir ye
pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho
shayad phir is janam mein
mulakat ho na ho

lag ja gale ki phir
ye hasin raat ho na ho
shayad phir is janam mein
mulakat ho na ho
lag jaa gale se ... "

{Song Title: Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir
Movie/Album Name: WOH KAUN THI

They don't make them like this anymore, do they?

Lost & Found

"When I write, I get lost in the language;
B'coz I don't have to courage to find myself through words."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My 'Daak' Naam

Seriously, did I look like that.
Gogol, ma' brother, I empathize.
Though I have been told, its not that bad, coz, mine has a meaning...
Just realized...mine has a russian connection too...
i.e. its the marathi name for these russian dolls.


Ok. So You are my inspiration.
Especially looking at this. (Click on the images...)
You are fantastic!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

The swing

My aji's house in chembur has a swing outside it. This Saturday, I was waiting for my uncle outside. So to pass the time, I went to sit on it. It had been so long since i sat on that swing.
But as I sat on it and started swinging slowly, it brought back memories from when I was little.

The swing is a bright yellow in colour now. It used to be a sky blue. It also seems much smaller now. Back then 5 of us cousins used to fit on it. And my eldest cousin bro used to stand and hold the edge of the swing, pull it all the way back until it was almost this point, all the 5 of us tiny creatures would be screaming loudly and hanging on for dear life to the swing poles. After holding us in that vertical position for what seemed like an eternity, he'd let go. And the 5 of us would fly away on that big blue swing. It swung forward, till it almost hit the wall in front. It'd swing back, at which point my cousin would give it another big push. And we'd fly again. And the screams would continue.

My aji's house also had this aawla tree in the yard. Now the branches of this tree were at the height of my aunts terrace which was above aji's house. So 2-3 of us would go to the terrace and the rest of the cousins would gather at the foot of the tree. The ones on the terrace would hit the branches of the tree with a long bamboo stick (the one that was normally used for drying clothes) and the cousins below would collect all the aawlas as they fell from the tree.

The aawlas were then dutifully handed over to aji, who'd wash them and soak them in salt water. The bowl of salt soaked aawla's was handed over to us. And we'd all gather on the swing ( All the 6 of us somehow managed to sit on it)..with the aawla bowl in the middle. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to eat as many as possible before the others gobbled them down. I think we spent most of the time trying to keep count of how many all the others had eaten.

After that it was time for pannha and rava laddoos at aji's house. Till date I haven't tasted better pannha.

Aawlas and Pannha still always remind me of those summer days.

Idyllic Summers. Idyllic Memories.