Friday, April 20, 2007

Mom's Birthday today

16th April 07
Virginia Tech
Structural Engg Class

I am sitting in the Structural Engg class. The professor is explaining trusses. We are supposed to solving the questions he's assigned to us.

But I keep thinking of this evening. Its mom's birthday today. Am really waiting to go home. My younger sister and I have planned a surprise birthday party for her. Its gonna be great. We gonna have cake- Strawberry. Its mom's favourite.

We've got presents for her. Katy, my sister-shes in high school. She cam eup with awesome idea for a birthday present. See, mom writes poetry. She doesn't talk about it too much but we know she's really proud of them. So we collected all of them and got them bound into a book. I designed a lovely cover for it. We even added a note in beginning wishing her and thanking her for all she's done. I think mom's gonna really love it. Can't wait to surprise her.

Katy'll be taking here SATs soon. She'll join college too. She's going to love it. I hope she joins VTech too. The Campus. The students. The courses. Everythings great.

Well, I'd better get back to the trusses. Forces, Stress...hmmm.


P.S.: Heard some strange rumour about someone getting shot in the
dormitories about an hour or 2 ago. Sheesh. Rumours are getting crazier by the day.

Anyways....hope this class gets over soon. I have to leave. Katy'll be waiting for me.

Katy says:
16th April 2007: Mom's Birthday today
Amy's didn't come home today.

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