Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've been tagged...
I have to state 8 facts about myself and tag another 8 ppl to spill themselves....
So here are my 8 little factoids...a few chapters of my book of life...

1. I make “humour”- I tell jokes, witty one liners, humourous anecdotes… when I’m in an uncomfortable situation. I also make humour when I’m not in an uncomfortable situation. I generally try to be funny all the time. It’s my way of keeping people at a respectable distance from me. It’s endearing…really.

2. I spend my time in buses by playing antakshari with myself in my mind (Antakshari is a game where every succeeding song you sing, must begin with the letter that the previous song ended with.) And I play this in my mind. With myself. I also imagine myself dancing on them as I sing them sometimes.

3. I spent a large part of my childhood dreaming that every new thing I learnt, I should do it cross country. For e.g. when I started cycling, I wanted to do it across the country. When I started roller skating, I wanted to go skating across the country. When I got my drivers license, Surprise! Surprise! I wanted to drive across the country.

4. I insist on making my mom dance at home. So we’ve spent many a times doing salsa or tango or waltz in our living room. I normally tend to start a dance session when she’s trying to give me advice on something I really don’t want advice on. So she’s talking about how I should live my life and I’m leading her across the room, cheek-to-cheek. The advice sessions don’t last long after this. In the yesteryears of Macarena, I even taught her all the moves. (Ok. I admit. I used to dance on Macarena)

5. In my personal life, I am thorough “look at the silver lining”, “believe people are good nice human beings who don’t lie cheat etc”, “the beer glass isn’t just full, it’s overflowing” kind of person. I always look at the bright side. It also makes me kind of na├»ve. So I still get shocked and scandalized when people I know lie and cheat. But what the heck, it keeps me happy most of the other time.

6. I’m a very emotional, romantic, loads of thinking and wondering kinda girl who appears to be an emotionless, happy-go lucky kid without a care in the world. This means I leave most people very confused about who I am. Myself included.

7. I cannot carry a tune. I am tone deaf. And I love to sing! I always know all the lyrics. So I sing. Even when my friends have to sing louder to drown out my voice. I even sing softly to myself on the road, in public sometimes. Most people tend to distance themselves from me at this point.

8. I love the rains. I love getting my feet wet in the water on the road. I love wading through dirty rain water. I love the feel of rain on my face. I love the raindrops running down my nose and a single drop of rain hanging on the tip of my nose. I even love it when my hair and clothes get dripping wet. So yeah...I love the rains.

So thats me.
And I tag...

Gautam Begde
Complex Guy in a Simple World
M. Saini

Write 8 facts about yourself and tag 8 other people in turn.
Speak now...or forever be silent... :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Puddles & I

The rain makes puddles outside my gate. The water mixes with the mud making brownish gray liquid. The steady drizzling makes tiny lilliputian ripples in the pool. I fold up my denims halfway up my calf and step at first gingerly into the water, trying to keep parts of my feet dry.

But then my foot lands on a pebble and slips into the water. I feel the cold cold water flow over my toes. I crinkle them. And as I feel my feet enjoying the cold sensation, I give up all pretence of trying to keep them dry and walk straight in. As I walk the edges of my floaters cause water to spurt upwards in thin streams. For a moment it looks like tiny droplets of water are climbing upwards on invisible threads.

I feel the water under my soles. Under the arch of my foot. It slides by between my feet and my floaters. It tickles my skin.

I stop in the middle of the pothole-pond. As I stand there in my folded jeans...slightly wet on the folded edge, tiny drops of rain pecking at my cheek, feet immersed in cold brown water till my ankles, I think back to countless other walks in the water, and I feel a kind of contentment. The innocent happiness of wet feet, wrinkled toes, raindrops on your face and your favourite pair of old jeans...folded up and still very wet.

If the shoe doesn't fit?

I'm a misfit in a world of misfits

I'm too normal to be a weirdo,
And too weird to be normal
Too full of fun to be serious
And too much thinking to be fun

Too much exploring to be stable
And too sure to be running
Am too old to be a kid
And too wise to be grown up

I'm full of things to say
Too full of emotions to talk
I know lots of people
Don't understand too many

I am too much of me to be you
And not yet so much of me
As to be, Just me

Just around the corner...

She peeped out from behind the wall.
Only one eye looking out
Her one foot resting against the corner.
The rest of her hidden.

She sees people outside.
Of all shapes and sizes
Laughing loudly.
Quiet looks and touches.

The walls vibrate with colours.
Purple and yellow like strobelights
The sounds bounce off the walls.
Mingling, Creating waves

The rhythm flows all around.
And stops at her toe
She stubs her toe.
And walks back inside.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunshine in the shadows

Sunshine in the shadows
Lines of dust illuminated
The light floats down
The dust rises up
And through this curtain
Of uncertainty
You appear

You move from sunshine to shadows
And into sunshine again
You wave your hand
As if to move the curtain of dusty light aside
You shake your head
To sweep the cobwebs away

You stop suddenly
In the middle of a spotlight
Look up to drink the sunrays;
You hold your hand up
The sunshine and the shadows
Make kaleidoscopic patterns on your hand
You turn your hand slowly
Smile, amused to see patterns
In the darker shades of brown

You try to catch the light in the palm of your hand
It warms your skin and then slips away
You shake your head and smile.
Again. Wondering when you’ll stop
Trying to catch the sunshine in the shadows.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I taking my life back

I taking my life back
I am tidying up my days
I had lost my rhythm
I’m humming the tune again

I’m seeing each minute
Seeing people around me
The blur is clearing up
The lines are becoming sharper

I’m feeling the sun again
Laughing into the breeze
Watching the pinks and purple in the sky
Today is separating from tomorrow

I’m refreshing my soul
Adding shine to my life
Freeing my mind
I’m living again


I am unable to write anything that makes sense. So for want of anything better to post, I am posting some nonsense rhymes I made up some weeks ago. I plead boredom...
The hat said to the cap
How are you doing today
The cap said, Britney Spears called
Her hairs all gone, she's become bald
And I am on my way
We are trying to tally the evils done
By presidents come and gone
But poor George Bush, we can't conclude
Coz oil prices are still high
First she went and bought a bible
Measured herself for orange suits
Front page news-Paris doing well in jail
Swarcheneggar-“terminate her sentence”, in his mail
Its 14th Feb tomorrow
Don't step out of the house they said
The moral police don't get any "action"
So they get jealous and hit you in the head
He ate
She ate
Decided the worlds fate

They didn't invite me
They didn't invite you
The poor and hungry were waiting
To get into a queue
The nail said
I'm drunk so much, I'm so hammered
I feel like I'm being hit on the head

But the screw likes the turns
Lives for the metal burrs
But he needs a driver up ahead

...I also plead CRAZY!