Monday, May 02, 2011

Possessed by PotterMania.

On April 5th 2011, I posted that I was on a mission to read all the Harry Potter books. With this intention I had begun to read on 3rd April. Today on 2nd May 2011, almost exactly a month later, I can now announce that I have completed all 7 books of the HP Series.

It has been a difficult month. I have not been able to get a full night's sleep. I have had to drag myself to office. A strange power took hold over me. I would not, I could not let go of the book I was reading. I was a woman possessed. It was frightening. It was a absolute test of will power to keep the book down and cook dinner. I would stand over the stove with the book balanced on the water jug. And when the tomatoes were frying, I was reading. When the curry was cooking, I was reading. Many a onion of have been sacrificed at the alter of Harry Potter mania. 

It is a intense, all consuming relationship that I have had with these books over the last 1 month. I had to take a break between books just so that I could live a normal life for a day. It has been incredible, tiring pouring all my energies into the books. I have been breathless with excitement - willing myself to read faster so I could find out what happened next. My brains have been addled as if by magic. But I have survived, risen from the mist - whole but without purpose. What do I do with my life now that I have finished all 7 books. 

And as some of you know, from the 4th book, the scar on my forehead started hurting very badly. The dark Lord had returned. I withstood the pain through the 4th, 5th and 6th book. And now after finishing the 7th book I am at peace. 

...come now, let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure