Monday, April 30, 2007

Closet Writer

I got a comment to my post I want to have trappings
This is the comment:

Till the time I was in solidarity
I wanted to have trappings with openings very few
But since the days you have come in my life
I wish to fly far away with you,

I want my flight with you to be as beautiful as it can
Be as smooth as it is, to float on a swan
Yes, in this messy world full of people all around
Its you with whom i wish to be closer with,
You're the greatest gift of god i have found

If you wake me up with a whisper so gentle
My mornings are as bright as the light of lantern
I might be alone in the dusty plains for hours
But the very thought of you makes the whole place
Filled with a sweet smell, life the fragrance of flowers

It takes a lifetime to live life to the fullest
But not so much when I have you and I and you become "we"
And now that I have you my love, let me carry the bags, let me do the shopping for you
Coz I have you, and you're the best gift that can be given to me.

I wish to listen to the songs you sing near the sand dunes
And dance along with you, we shall fling to the tunes
But the gentle breath of yours when am closer to you my dear
Is the sweetest of music I can ever hear

We shall travel the world, scale new heights and dive to the depths,
we shall enjoy life to the fullest and spend each day as it is so new
My dear, whatever steps we take, whatever things we do
May they be for getting closer to each other,
And remember, I always and always shall love you ,
Only and only YOU

Very beautiful and touching because it was written from someone to somebody very special.
I was lucky that it was shared with me as a comment.
Lowe I say!!! The secrets are spilling out of the closet!
Thanks ppl!

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