Friday, April 27, 2007

The silence is too loud

I'm standing in a crowd
I don't see anybody around me

I'm whispering to be heard above the noise
I'm shouting to drown out the silence inside me

I eyes ache from all the people
The tear drops fall untouched

My palms are sweating from being pressed
The sands are slipping through my fingers

I talking to many a people many a time
I talking to stop listening to myself

I'm singing a song
But the volume is too loud to hear the music


rads said...

I like the spirit of the verse. :)

Anonymous said...

Smile my dear friend
You are not the only one
Feeling lost
In this mad mad world

Spinning, Whirling, Rotating
So fast, this world
I wonder if it realizes
It is letting the life just pass it by

What will this world think
When it is dying
Another thing I wonder
Will it think of the moments lost
Or it just lacks the ability
To even think of what is being lost!