Monday, May 18, 2009

The convocation that was...

I was reading a post this morning that spoke about convocations and commencements and what you take away from there. In my convocation 3 years ago...
  • I remember the girl who gave the convocation address in my bschool but not much of what she said. I do remember the look in her eyes.
  • I remember the award I received, but more clearly I remember my father standing and applauding madly when I received the award.
  • I remember the boy who I walked with in the convocation march and sat next to during the convocation. My friend. Who was there at my wedding to see that I don't fall off when I was carried in to the wedding and who smiled proudly at me and A after the wedding. Who stood by to see I didn't fall off. During the wedding, or years earlier in school. Thanks N.

I remember the people who were there and still are.

This year so far...

I haven't written about any of the great things that have happened this year. But here are a couple of the major milestones:
  • My short story got published in a compilations of Short Stories - Inner Voices
  • I got married to my best friend, who as I live with him, I grow to respect and love more each day (You mean much more than I could write in one bullet point or one blog post)

Heres to a great year ahead as well!