Friday, April 13, 2007

National Festival

I have a major problem with one of India's "leading" national dailies. For the simple reason that I don't consider it a newspaper.

For eg. A very graphic photo of a crocodile with a man's arm bitten off in its mouth...and this happened in the Taiwan city of Kaohsiung...Of course! Kaohsiung! Of course that's important to me!
This is supposed to be news for me. Gore on the front page just for selling!

Anyways, this daily tends to treat most frivolous events as if they are of national importance..front page news I say.
A photo of our cricket captain meeting his wife at the airport has earth shattering effects on the nation.
A photo of SRK/AB , etc scratching his ear is also of equal, or many a times, more importance than farmer suicides, land issues etc etc.

This morning, the mast head of the paper had the letters "T" and "H" of the word "THE" are made as images of a festival, which is a common practice and which is, i guess, fine, since the images are of a national festival.

But as I thought of what this daily normally features,
I was surprised to learn....and I quote my thought..
"You mean, the Abhi-Ash wedding is not a national festival????!!!!"

Surprised & Agape.
Tongue firmly in cheek.

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rads said...

haha, you are annoyed aren't you? :)

You know, am probably going to be outcasted for saying this - but Ive found Indian news channels flourish on gore and sensationalism. Recently we subscribed to Gemini/Teja, and every time we think we need to make an effort to like and know what's happening in AP, and bang, dead bodies prostrate with flies, and weirder stuff is thrust on us with absolutely no warning at all!