Monday, April 30, 2007

To Anonymous

A friend got an anonymous comment. A very nice anonymous comment. And he cannot stop wondering who it is. So, on behalf of my friend, heres

To Anonymous,

I can see you in my minds eye
Reading my lines
I see that glitter in your eyes as you
Read between the lines

I see the curve of your lips
Smile, As you read what I wrote
You push back your hair
Pull up those sleeves
And decide to appreciate it

You write a note
A note that says everything
And yet it says nothing
About you

I see you put your thoughts into words
And I see me wordless
Speechless, Touched, Moved
And restless

In my minds eye
I see you
But yet I don’t see you
Because I don’t know who to see


Anonymous said...

You can see me if you wish to
Just as I can see you
True, honest, pure, clear
Lost, trapped, baffled,
Tried and tested upon
By something brutal,
Called as Life by the mortals
Oh, what an irony!

Let go of the desires
To know or to possess
To accomplish and to sustain
But just let the life solve itself
just for a change

Let the life take its course
And stop trying to make it work
Let it flow, let it go
It will come back to you
Just like a lost love
If it is meant to be

Losen your grip
Let go of that hold
But all this while
Don't kill that undying Hope


The Yarnspinner said...

Thanks. :-)