Monday, April 30, 2007

To Mumbai,

Slow down lady
Don't run so fast
The sights you are passing
Ain't gonna last

Don't laugh at them lady
Don't be rude
The people you are rejecting
It could have been you

Talk nicer lady
Don't shout so loud
Those whispers in your soul
Are waiting to get out

Don't close your eyes lady
Care a little more
That accident you're ignoring
It could have been you

Don't honk so, lady
Don't drive so fast
Where you going to
Why can't you stop

Don't hurry lady
Slow down, take a stroll
Look around you lady
There are stories to be told

Listen a little lady
Every smile, every tear
Its a million lives you are seeing
Its thousands of dreams and fears

A hundred cars lady
Single occupants in them
Furrowed brows look around me
Where are the families, where are the friends

Don't go in fast forward lady,
Pause a little while
Later you may wish
Hope you could rewind

Slow down lady,
Don't rush so
You have missed today completely
In search of tomorrows more

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