Monday, April 16, 2007

My life in Tuscany

This the plan:
  1. Go to Tuscany, Italy
  2. Take Camera & laptop
  3. Rent a villa in Tuscany (e.g. above)
  4. Buy a bicycle or one of those Italian scooters
  5. Sleep on a 4 poster bed of teak wood with pristine white covers
  6. Get up
  7. Have leisurely breakfast, looking out over the rolling hills
  8. Go for walk, bicycle around the village/ town
  9. Take B&W/Sepia photographs of the life, people, the colorful market places
  10. Come back
  11. Sit down at my desk by the window and write for about an hour
  12. Prepare a light lunch of salad, sandwich and some local wine
  13. Listen to some soft music while lunching
  14. Take a nap for an hour after lunch
  15. Then write for 2-3 hours more
  16. Go through, and organize photographs
  17. Meet up with friends
  18. Go swimming in the lake
  19. Have coffee in one of the small cafes under porticoes
  20. Go dancing with Italian men
  21. Have dinner
  22. Lay down under my pristine white bed covers and read
  23. Sleep
  24. Also, have exhibitions all round the world of my photographs
  25. The books I write are critically acclaimed as well as best sellers.
  26. Oh yes, Call my fairy god mother and ask her to drop off the next installment of cash..this time ask her to send the satyr instead of the unicorn

P.S: This is what happens when you watch movies like "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Note to myself: Stop watching Italian fantasies

Note to friends, family and well wishers: Anybody want to sponser my life?

1 comment:

Gautam Begde said...

Thats quite a wish... i woud like to do something like that sometime... but it wud have 2 be near the sea.. a must have... i probably wud like to add a dash of jogging in the morning.... ya right... who am i kidding... its perfect the way it is :)