Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Learning for today

Date: 16th Jan

Venue: Pricing Strategy Class

Great Big learning : If you are gonna screw with the law, don't leave the condom behind.

The Sailor

There were a 100 sailors
Looking new and peachy clean
In their caps and hoods
About to go a-sailing

Each one thinking of his journey
Wondering in which direction to set sail
Wondering where the wind was blowing
Where is the easy sailing

There stood one man in that crowd, young for his age
Not wondering where the wind was blowing
Looking at the sun on the horizon
Knowing where he wanted to go

The sailors set off
All in his own direction
The undecided following another bunch
None knowing where the wind was pushing them

They who were pushed by the wind
In the wake of the boats ahead
Sailed around mindlessly
Seemingly enjoying themselves

The young sailor set off
In the opposite direction to the wind
The wind, she beared down on his little craft
But the sun guiding him...

He pushed ahead, enjoying the strain
Enjoying the thought of reaching that island on the horizon
He pushed against the wind
Didnt hear the other sailors laughing at him

He reached his island
Throwing himself on the sand
The other sailors wondering why...
The young sailor feeling the sand

And then the storm came wrecking everything in its path
Every sailor tossed like a dice
All those whom the wind was helping
Dying...just like our young friend

The storm subsided,every sailor in his watery grave
The easy sailors lying in the water, still in the harbour
As the young boy breathed his last
He smiled, for he carried the sand in his hand.

Memories of MBA

As the sun dips slowly and the day moves towards twilight, the barges chug their way slowly up the river. The students let out a collective sigh of relief as the classes and tests for the day are over and ...THE MADNESS BEGINS!!! Our days consist of group meetings, project work and plenty of fun. Staying up all through the night, pretending to being completing an assignment, but actually arguing about some arbitrary theory about life, propounded by some genius amongst us, is a regular sight here. And then the clock strikes 12 and its time for our midnight meal, accompanied by the same genius, who insists on convincing you of his theory. You have a glass of ice-cold creamy bournvita in one hand, and the latest finance case in the other (which, by the way, you are still pretending to be doing). At the same time you are trying to kick the idiot(or rather, genius) of the life theory fame while try to stealthily eat french fries, egg rolls or noodles from the plate of the person next to you. That, my friends is how you learn multi-tasking at my B-school, which as managers of tomorrow, blah, blah, blah.....(lets leave that gyaan giving for the professors and the sorely kicked genius) But don't think you can get away here just like that. We did do our work, whether we planned it days in advance and finished it 1-2 days early or stayed up till the wee hours of the morning the day before the submission (with me..normally its the second option). We’ve done the days and nights of theories of marketing, gotten blurry eyed doing accounts, traveled to the industrial complexes for our projects, struggled to sleep without getting caught in class, with your neighbour nudging you every time the professor looked at you over the top of his soda glasses and heard about how "CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IN OUR LIVES" :-)) Visions of volleyball and football matches, the cricket cup, with throngs of supporters crowding the quadrangle, the colours of holi, the lights of diwali,and the rafi, kishore, juggy D, metallica or some very famous tamil number vibrating through the corridors of the hostels, will forever remain with us.