Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Mania-II

Saturday 12th May

Played Maushi(Aunt)

Spent a great 2 days playing with my niece.
Actually it was more of her playing with me. Coz I was the dog in the fetch game.
She would throw whatever was in her hand. And my part in the game was to go fetch it from wherever she had thrown it.

Now she has grasped the game pretty well.
Because we were playing this with a tennis ball. We were sitting on the floor at the congruence of 4 rooms. We had chosen this particular position so that she could keep an eye on her mom who was having lunch at the table. As long as she knew her mom was nearby she could benefit others with her attention.

So anyways, I tried as far as possible to get her to throw the ball where I could stop it with my arms and legs. And I tried to sit where I could block the entrance to 1 room at least. So I wouldn't have to get up and fetch. But the little madam, used to pause for a minute, look around, survey the landscape of difficult to reach places. And then throw it exactly where I would have to struggle to fetch it. And then she'd flash her toothy mischievous grin at me. And this went for an hour or so. I managed to teach her the words “catch” and “throw”. Of course she pronounces them as “K-aa” and “OOO”. But its good enough I say.

Another brilliant thing about her is that she walks like she’s very very drunk. And she also insists on following her mom (my sis) around the house. So my sis is hurrying around doing some work, and little miss drunk is hobbling along trying to catch up. And behind her is me. Trying to ensure she doesn't suddenly fall and bang her head somewhere. So that’s how we went all round the house. Just when the munchkin would manage to reach the room my sis was in; my sister would have finished her work there and would run to the other room. And the entire procession would turn around and start hobbling back in our drunken state.

She also loves to dance. And she has particular choice regarding which songs she will dance on. Hence we must sing whichever bollywood song she favours currently for her so that she can dance. It’s a different story that she insists on dancing even before she can walk properly.

So all in all a fun filled two days.

Oh yes, I also taught her how to blink cutely/flirtingly accompanied by her sly smile. I have a feeling my sis isn’t going to like the kind of education I insist on imparting.

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rads said...

cool. Babies are fun!
Teach her to wink or put her tongue out - it looks so so cute when toddlers do it ;-)