Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Mania-I

Friday 11th May

"Played" Tennis

So finally went to play tennis on Friday evening after work, after a gap of some 10 years.
Of course I sucked! I made a complete fool of myself!

For one, I wasn't following the basic principle of the racquet connecting with the ball. I mean I tried, but my hand and eye are currently supporting different ideologies. Hence they refuse to see eye to eye with each other, or eye-to-hand in their case. Basically they hadn't heard of hand eye co-ordination at all.

Secondly, my arm muscles refused to behave like respectable arm muscles should. Either the ball would go flop into the net or it'd behave like it was starring in “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..." And we were actually left wondering when they would return.

I ran all over the court without even coming close to the ball sometimes. I looked like a raving lunatic most of the time.

But I had FUN!!!

There were these moments, actually 2-3 moments when the ball connected perfectly with the center of the racquet, that were out of this world. All those who actually play tennis, and do this on a regular basis would understand this feeling.

There is this soft twang sound when the two connect. You know you've connected perfectly. You know the face of the racquet was at the correct angle. You know the ball is going to go the other court and remain inside. It’s a perfect feeling.

And I actually had 2 or 3 of these!!

I felt so great at the end of the day. Muscles I didn’t know existed were crying for attention like spoilt kids. I could hardly walk straight. My hamstrings and calf muscles were stretched beyond recognition. And I felt great!!!

Now, many of you may think that just because I lacked basic human qualities of co-ordination and because I made such a big fool of myself, I should stay away from the tennis court. But somehow I have never quite grasped the idea that you can learn something without making a fool of yourself. So I’m going to go back, and keep behaving like an imbecile till I learn how to do it with class.

Tennis rocks! I may not remember how to play it yet, but it still rocks!

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