Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My eyes bored into him
I looked at his eyes
The way they shifted side to side

I looked at the curve of his lips
the hesitant smile
the genuine grin sometimes
the sparkle in the eyes then

I eyes bored into him
trying to read his life
His past, his fears, his secrets
I wondered what he was thinking

Sometimes our eyes met
I could tell that he was aware
He could tell that I was stripping him down
Laying naked his soul

His eyebrows would meet for a passing second
And then he'd turn around to hide himself
My eyes followed him around the room
Seeking a key to the mystery that was him

I had a curious interest in learning his story
We didnt speak at all
But I wished I could know all about him
Just by looking at him

And we went our seperate ways
And even now
What remains with me
Is that desire to know his story

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