Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saying Goodbye

We talked about all the laughs we’d shared. The moments we spent thinking up crazy ideas. Silly poems. The tears we’ve shed on each others shoulders. The fights. The crazy stupid fights that made us cry then and those that make us laugh now. The guys and gurls we met. The ones we hated and the ones we loved. We talked about the bike rides. The wind in our hair and a song on our lips. About the times spent high. In hostel rooms and by the river side. About the dancing and the eating. And the millions of cups of coffee consumed. We talked about guitars and drums. About songs sung and promises made. The trips taken and love declared. About lists upon lists made. Of plans and dreams.

Of dreams coming true. And happiness. The future.

And we hugged, for the last time. And said Goodbye.

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Priya said...

very well written...