Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thank you....

You picked up the phone on the first ring
You knew from my voice that something was amiss
I ranted on and on about some mindless troubles
It was 3am
You listened

I danced on crazy numbers
You joined in
I sang my favourite song, totally off-key
I heard you hum along
I insisted on singing songs in languages you don't understand
I remember, you let me translate each line for you

I was biting my nails
You held my hands
I was having nightmares in my sleep
You didn't sleep so that you could wake me up with good news
I wanted to jump with joy and shout out my achievement
You picked me up and swung me 'round in the air

I read out my writing
You cared, you commented, you complimented
You checked to see if I had written anything new
I felt like I had a fan

You went one way, I went the other
You still discussed my dreams, even encouraged them
I forgot to ask how you felt
You always seemed to know how I did

I stumbled, I walked in crooked lines
You helped me walk straight
I fell asleep
You covered me with a blanket

I left town and came back
You'd have a big smile for me every time
We'd laugh and talk as if no time had passed in between
You always made me want to return

Thank you...and you...and you...and you...and you...and you...

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