Monday, February 12, 2007

I dream....

I dream
Of tomorrows

Tomorrows of families, of kids
Tomorrows of fields, and hills
I see ecstacy, I see darkness,
And then again, the sun shines

Tomorrows of making love
Tomorrows of days and nights
I fly higher and higher
I scream aloud

Tomorrows of written pages
Tomorrows of golden books
I see, I write
I make a world

Tomorrows of small cottages
Tomorrows of rosewood tables
A house, a home
A life of happiness in solitude

My Life
Of todays

Of families and friends
Of finding love and letting it go

Todays of work and play
Of written words and spoken
This morning of music and letters
this evening of house and home

Today being more than the dream of tomorrow
The tomorrows being more than the dream...

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