Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A ride on the bus

The breeze tickled my neck
It kissed me behind my ear
It whispered in my ears

And made me giggle
A hint of a smile played on my lips
The gentle morning sunlight
Warmed my cheekbones
My eyes sparkled with pure hope
I looked out at high rise buildings
And vast open fields
Scores of trees bathing in the yellow light
The dimple in my cheek waited
As if expecting a silly grin

The sun's warmth and the touch of the breeze
travelled down my spine
And made me shiver with anticipation

And I smiled as I sang to myself
"Zindagi ke naye mod par
Aa gaye aaj hum idhar
Reh gaye kuch vastain
Ab nayi manzile...
Paana hai...Paana hai"*

(*Nokia N-Series Ad Jingle)

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