Monday, October 08, 2007


There's poetry everywhere around you

In the leaves strewn on the path
Red and Orange
There's poetry in the dried leaves
That crackle when you step on them

In the colour of beer
Held against a light
There's poetry in
The Sunset in a glass

In the little ironies
That we see everyday
There's poetry in
The mysterious nature of life

In a succulent juicy
Well crafted dish
There's poetry in
A home cooked meal

In the way hair falls
Across the skin
There's poetry in
The light that's seen in their eyes

In the rain, wild and stormy
In the puddles that splash
There's poetry in
The pitter patter of rain on a tin roof

In the first step of your baby
In the first word she says
Theres poetry in
The way she holds on to your thumb

In a smile, a handshake
A phonecall
There's poetry in
The little things that make us smile

There's poetry everywhere around you
You just have to see it.


chandni said... are right..
but then not just poetry, isn't it true about most things in life??

Its all around somewhere.....what do you think?

Gautam Begde said...

And there is poetry in every word u write:)... keep blogging

Nandita said...

@ chandni: I think we see all around us, exactly what we want to see. We pick and choose our piece of reality.

@ gautam: thanks so much dear