Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am unable to write anything that makes sense. So for want of anything better to post, I am posting some nonsense rhymes I made up some weeks ago. I plead boredom...
The hat said to the cap
How are you doing today
The cap said, Britney Spears called
Her hairs all gone, she's become bald
And I am on my way
We are trying to tally the evils done
By presidents come and gone
But poor George Bush, we can't conclude
Coz oil prices are still high
First she went and bought a bible
Measured herself for orange suits
Front page news-Paris doing well in jail
Swarcheneggar-“terminate her sentence”, in his mail
Its 14th Feb tomorrow
Don't step out of the house they said
The moral police don't get any "action"
So they get jealous and hit you in the head
He ate
She ate
Decided the worlds fate

They didn't invite me
They didn't invite you
The poor and hungry were waiting
To get into a queue
The nail said
I'm drunk so much, I'm so hammered
I feel like I'm being hit on the head

But the screw likes the turns
Lives for the metal burrs
But he needs a driver up ahead

...I also plead CRAZY!


The Piper said...


Nandita Mundle said...

Tnx :-)
Also enjoied the candle wax moments... aahhh my dream cming true :-D

Complex Guy trapped in a Simple World! said...

Move over Jack,
Move over Jill,
Nandita'a rhymes fit the bill!

They're witty,
They're wise,
Attempt to save the society from becoming otherwise!

Cheers! :-)