Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've been tagged...
I have to state 8 facts about myself and tag another 8 ppl to spill themselves....
So here are my 8 little factoids...a few chapters of my book of life...

1. I make “humour”- I tell jokes, witty one liners, humourous anecdotes… when I’m in an uncomfortable situation. I also make humour when I’m not in an uncomfortable situation. I generally try to be funny all the time. It’s my way of keeping people at a respectable distance from me. It’s endearing…really.

2. I spend my time in buses by playing antakshari with myself in my mind (Antakshari is a game where every succeeding song you sing, must begin with the letter that the previous song ended with.) And I play this in my mind. With myself. I also imagine myself dancing on them as I sing them sometimes.

3. I spent a large part of my childhood dreaming that every new thing I learnt, I should do it cross country. For e.g. when I started cycling, I wanted to do it across the country. When I started roller skating, I wanted to go skating across the country. When I got my drivers license, Surprise! Surprise! I wanted to drive across the country.

4. I insist on making my mom dance at home. So we’ve spent many a times doing salsa or tango or waltz in our living room. I normally tend to start a dance session when she’s trying to give me advice on something I really don’t want advice on. So she’s talking about how I should live my life and I’m leading her across the room, cheek-to-cheek. The advice sessions don’t last long after this. In the yesteryears of Macarena, I even taught her all the moves. (Ok. I admit. I used to dance on Macarena)

5. In my personal life, I am thorough “look at the silver lining”, “believe people are good nice human beings who don’t lie cheat etc”, “the beer glass isn’t just full, it’s overflowing” kind of person. I always look at the bright side. It also makes me kind of na├»ve. So I still get shocked and scandalized when people I know lie and cheat. But what the heck, it keeps me happy most of the other time.

6. I’m a very emotional, romantic, loads of thinking and wondering kinda girl who appears to be an emotionless, happy-go lucky kid without a care in the world. This means I leave most people very confused about who I am. Myself included.

7. I cannot carry a tune. I am tone deaf. And I love to sing! I always know all the lyrics. So I sing. Even when my friends have to sing louder to drown out my voice. I even sing softly to myself on the road, in public sometimes. Most people tend to distance themselves from me at this point.

8. I love the rains. I love getting my feet wet in the water on the road. I love wading through dirty rain water. I love the feel of rain on my face. I love the raindrops running down my nose and a single drop of rain hanging on the tip of my nose. I even love it when my hair and clothes get dripping wet. So yeah...I love the rains.

So thats me.
And I tag...

Gautam Begde
Complex Guy in a Simple World
M. Saini

Write 8 facts about yourself and tag 8 other people in turn.
Speak now...or forever be silent... :-)


rads said...

That's sweet. All of you are so prompt! I am such a procrastinator when someone gives me a task to do :D

Rain, dance, and emotional. I relate to all well. Nice! :)

Complex Guy trapped in a Simple World! said...

Holy Crap! This is gonna take forever for someone who's so full of himself... ME!! :-)

leoNYdas said...

First time here. Loved all your rhymes and the way you have played with words. Wish I could write like that. :-)