Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My love, my books

Reading a pirated book feels like making out with your lovers twin brother. It might look the same... but the feelings and excitement are not the same. When you curl up in bed with it, you feel like you are cheating on your lover by being in bed with his twin. The irony being, they say the same things, and even touch the same chords, but at the end of the experince you feel unfulfilled and are left with a feeling that something was missing from the experience. It just isn't the same.

And besides after youve finished reading it, and its sitting there in some corner of your room...when you steal glances towards it, a pirated book just doesnt bring a spark to your eyes. I rarely go back to it. Even now when I look at an original book lying on my table that I read some time back, It brings a loving look into my eyes and warmth all over. I remember the long cold winter evenings spent with it and the nights spent curled up together. The brief affair might be over, but the feelings are never dead. I will keep going back.

Someone once asked me, about a very good book, whether it was worth the price I paid for it. It felt like a slap across the face. It felt like he was asking me how much i paid for my love. The fullfilment and companionship doesnt come with a price tag, mister. It comes with unquestionable faith and unconditional love.


juiceburps said...

essentially brilliant! not just because i agree with what you've written but the anology is mind blowingly perfect. like they say
"wear the old coat and buy the new book"
also thanks for helping me justify my book buying sprees :D

Ruxi said...

really nice written! I'm not a huge fan of books but have to admit that some of them turn your whole life upside down. And it's true, when they're all feel a bit sad and lonley...but at the same time greatful that you found such a great book!