Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tennis, David Foster Wallace & Federer

If you like Tennis and if youve even heard of Roger Federer to say the least, you have to read this...

Federer as a Religious Experience - David Foster Wallace
(Read it here!!!)

My thoughts...
This article is a tribute to Federers game. Now, I admit, though i really like tennis, I have stopped follwing it of late after the departure of greats like Pete Sampras, Monica Seles and Ivan.
But this piece leaves you breathless. You get the sensation of actually being there on center court, whiplashing your head from side to side as the greats battle it out. You fantasise about watching the next Federer game. You dream about going to the next game :-D
You curse that day when you put down your tennis racket coz u were "busy" (ha!!! fat chance!!!)
It makes you fall in love with Federer without having watched more than a game.
You can feel the exhileration, you get an adrenalin rush, you can hear the soft perfect thud when the racket makes contact with the can smell the grass.

I dunno about Federers game, but this reading this was definitely a spiritual experience..Can't wait to watch Rogers next game (sorry, but I feel like i know him intimately after having read that piece)

If you are a Federer fan, then THIS IS YOUR TEMPLE...
(Read it here!!!)

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Manish Saini said...

Just think of this.......if the article enthralled u so much......what would happen when u watch the real match.
But there is a small problem.......Fedrer's matches don't last very long :P
So when on the one hand you get very less time to visit the temple, the worhip time is even shorter.
Enjoy the next Match!!!