Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm going back to goa!

I'm dreaming of white sands and blue waters of the sea,
I'm dreaming of the swishing of the river water against the walls
I dreaming of the barges making their way home
I'm dreaming of goa

I'm thinking of snow white steeples
I'm thinking of sleepy buses
I'm thinking of vast grassy fields
I'm thinking of goa

I'm seeing the college gate
I'm seeing the open quad
I'm seeing the parking lot
I'm seeing goa

I'm smiling about the open doors and opens arms
I'm smiling about everybody being an uncle's cousin or aunt's cousin
I'm smiling about the love and warmth
I'm smiling about goa

I'm remembering the glasses of wine and beer
I'm remembering good friends and good food
I'm remembering good times
I'm remembering goa

I'm missing the classes and assignments
I'm missing the music and movies
I'm missing the bike rides
I'm missing goa

I'm going back to the wide open roads
I'm going back to the fresh air
I'm going back to the open skies
I'm going back to goa

Check it out...
(Samarth Kholkar's site :http://picasaweb.google.com/samerth/CharmDeGoa/)

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