Monday, August 17, 2009


From being a paunchy chubby little boy who hid from his mom and ate chocolates and cheese in the stairwell to being a confident , go getter 21 year old young man...Siddhu its been a pleasure knowing you.

I watched you become more aware of your family and as a responsible young man to be relied on in the time of a crisis. I watched your love, your caring and helping nature as a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, a friend.

I have seen you come into your own as a person. I have admired your sense of discipline, your self motivation, your intelligence, your sense of hard work, and at the same time your sense of fun and enjoyment.

I am proud of all your achievements at academics, in sports and in relationships. Your every award has been well deserved.

I have seen you figuring out your individual set of morals. As you will experience more of the world and more shades of people, I feel confident that you will grow into your individuality with ease.

As you head out to pursue new horizons, all I will say is:



Sid said...

soooo awesummm!!!

thenk u!!!



Shashank said...

what 'relationships' exactly, are we thinking of here??!!??

Nandita said...

Baap ek numberi toh beta das numberi