Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crossing the creek

It's a little late to be writing about the Mumbai rains. Also very very long hiatus from writing itself - but lets leave that to another day.

But what prompted this post was my daily train journey.

What makes the entire journey to office worthwhile is those 5 minutes when the train is crossing the Vashi Creek. The sea is choppy, half draped in fog. The far away hills of Uran (?) are almost hidden. You can just about make out their shapes. The wind - it blows! And how! And as you turn around to look back at the direction you came from you see the towering skyline of Navi Mumbai form a background to waters of the sea.

And there is some beautiful song playing on the radio.
This is what makes my train journey all worth it. Those 5 mins of crossing the creek.

1 comment:

ssoggo said...

Oh, you should come down to where I live sometimes... The whole ride to work is beautiful..!
And that's about the only thing you can say for the rest of the day!