Monday, March 03, 2008

AI for Dummies

My cousin ADT recently flew back from India to the US with AI (Air India).
The following were her list of complaints:
  1. The handrests were jammed and could not be moved up. So no use of having an entire set of 3 seats to herself
  2. No service what-so-ever
  3. A 10 hour wait between flights at JFK
  4. No inflight entertainment

Other than that she had a a GRRREEEEEAT flight.

This was my uncle Shank - Keko's reply to her in defence of AI:

"Over the years AI has incurred huge losses bcoz passengers keep stealing the handrests... therefore they have welded these into the seats... passengers have no right to complain jes bcoz they cant lie down bcoz they themselves have brought it upon themselves....

For a small charge AI is contemplating giving planks which can be rested on top of the handrests, And the passengers can lie down on these and enjoy a good nap... in fact these planks can be used even if the next seat is occupied... of course, for the moment AI is restricting the issue of these planks to one out of every three passengers... later on depending on the response, they might give out more...

AI sincerely feels that passengers should socialize amongst themselves... and it is only with this objective that the crew took all the inflight entertainment systems to their respective houses... if you are unsocial and not willing to have a friendly chat for as short a period as 16 hrs with your neighbor, AI is not to blame.

And AI has also observed that when service is provided passengers crib that it is no good... therefore they have withdrawn all service (after all the service providers are also human, they also have feelings, and they also feel bad if service availers keep criticizing...) so dont even start to think about complaining.

AI takes no responsibility for onward bookings done by you with gaps of 10 hrs.... pl pl understand that you cant blame them for this...

AI is happpy that you had a GRRREEEEEAT flight.. and is wondering how you managed that and might just bill you extra

Thank you."


Nikhil said...

Fascinating tales of ordeals faced by AI passengers. Baggage lost is so passe now.

Oh and I always have, unconditionally, the very "rare" 6-10 hour stopover in heathrow.

Anonymous said...

The infamous airline agaian!!!

And hope ur feeling better! Good so see u posting again :)

Anonymous said...

The infamous airline agaian!!!

And hope ur feeling better! Good so see u posting again :)