Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wedding, Stars, Lights and Christmas

Whenever I have loads to say, I never know how to begin. Then I procrastinate till Ive forgotten what I wanted to say.
So this time I decided to just make a bulleted list.
I just spent the last 5 days in Goa as a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding and to celebrate Christmas... So what did I do?

Pre- Wedding
  1. Had the most delicious home cooked Goan food
  2. Lived in the beautiful Goan house
  3. Spent the 2 days before the wedding roaming around with the bride, groom and brides bro for last minute wedding stuff
  4. Practiced falling over each others feet with the best man. This involved a lot of prodding and nudging and pressing and other filthy sounding words, since we could never get each others cues. This was supposed to look like Waltz.
  5. Bride and Self got ourselves pampered at parlour.
  6. Tried to comprehend and manage all the secret surprises each member of old and new family were planning for each other. I was the secret keeper.
  7. Gave the much loved and already used wedding gift to bride and groom.
  8. Did a lot of dirty talk with bride, groom and brides bro, pretending 8 and 10 year old ring bearer and flower girl did not understand a thing.
  9. Did church rehearsal, where tried not to trip over illogically built step halfway through the aisle
  10. Best man and I tried our waltzing during above church rehearsal (in the aisle) much to disapproval of other people in church. In my defence, it was his idea.
  11. Bride and I and flower girl tried on our dresses and floated around the house , day prior to wedding. All this when groom was happily sleeping in next room.
  12. Got tanned, burnt and sweaty in hot Goan Sun
  13. Had the most delicious home cooked Goan food
  14. Lived in the beautiful Goan house


  1. Dropped self's jaw when saw bride in wedding gown
  2. Modestly decided did not look so bad myself
  3. Declared wedding photographer was God after seeing photographs taken before setting off to church
  4. Fell in love with above photographer and decided to have him for own wedding (as photographer that is) at the turn of next century
  5. Practiced the first waltz with best man (this a repeated theme as you might notice)
  6. Reached church and met up with guest milling outside.
  7. Walked down aisle behind bride and her 7 mtr trail, without tripping on mentioned illogical step
  8. Got through ceremony without any major embarrassment to self
  9. Did not like the fact that " You may kiss the bride" not declared by priest.
  10. Liked the fact that groom decided to do so anyways when next part ceremony had already started
  11. Spent most of time doing something or the other to brides 7 mtr trail
  12. Grinned giddily with happiness at bride when she turned around.
  13. Left for reception place
  14. Distributed confetti with other brides maid best man couple
  15. Slowly and steadily got increasingly nervous about toast and first waltz.
  16. Entered with bride and groom ( wife and husband??) and did walk-around and got confetti all over hair and dress
  17. Sat at bridal table, attended cake cutting
  18. Said toast along with best man which self thought went off very well (complemented a lot on toast later by absolute strangers ... so verified i think)
  19. Drank only little champagne so as not to get woozy before the big first waltz
  20. First waltz - Best man and self made fool of ourselves. But think (self-delusion) only brides bro and other people who saw us practice, actually noticed gaffes
  21. Then danced the night away with other best man (nubile youth of 20). Shamelessly flirted with 20 year old and felt like cradle snatcher. Helped that above nubile youth danced like dream.
  22. Learnt and executed with characteristic brilliance (!) the waltz, the 2-step, the cha-cha-cha, jive.
  23. Did shameless booty shaking dance along with bride and other girls from bride-side.
  24. Other brides-maid and self did loads of dress shaking and swirling around (said dress was wine-red spaghetti strapped salsa type dress)
  25. Lost sensation in feet but continued dancing. Could not stand on own two feet by end of evening. Note: Not effects of alcohol since drank next to nothing.
  26. Encouraged bride and goom during kissing game
  27. Tied up bride and groom with ribbons. Considered leaving them like that.
  28. At end of reception full bridal party went to booked hotel room to say bbye to bride and groom.
  29. Everybody took off shoes and coats to get comfortable must to dismay of bride and groom.
  30. Politely escorted out of room by not-so-subtle hints by bride

Post - Wedding

  1. Had the most delicious home cooked Goan food
  2. Lived in the beautiful Goan house
  3. Spent the whole afternoon at beachside restaurant Brittos with friend.
  4. Attended Christmas mass with bride, groom and brides bro and mom
  5. Spent entire mass trying to stop the siblings from pulling up my dress...embarassing me in public in a fine art of entertainment for them
  6. Then grooms family and brides family and me..went for post mass celebrations (read eating) to the bride and grooms hotel ( we really love to visit them there). And ate a concoction of Christmas Pudding with brandy (from Harrods) mixed with butterscoth ice cream mixed with chocolate ice cream with wine poured on it .... eating in tea cups and saucers and wine glasses and ice cream tub covers.
  7. Left them at around 3:30 am and came home and crashed
  8. Spent a day mulling around said beautiful Goan house.
  9. Left Goa.

All the stuff I want to say, I want to express, I can't do in words.

It was an over whelming experience. Thank you to all who made it so.


malachi said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... thats so sweet... i just knew you would write something

shinta said...

wow .. the wedding sounds sooo damn good !! plz ask malachi to put up some wedding pics for us to view !!