Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free Verse


I look at you
And wonder

Are you alone
Are you with

And I wonder
What you feel like

I imagine shoe laces

I see that rough stubble
Under your lower lip

Fingers intertwined
Skin pressed

I feel your words
Entering my soul

And I talk, and listen
And smile at you.

Curled Fists

Little hands
And feet

Wrapped Shoulders
And a trembling neck

Your look of complete trust
My spasm of uncontrollable fear

My crazy dreams for
years in another decade

Your insistence on
here and now

The gurgle, the burps,
The toothless smile

My need to use cliches
To explain the unmeasurable

Urgent Neat

You enter and set the bag firmly on the floor
Parallel to the edge of the cupboard
You adjust the bag till its entire side
Is on the tile edge

You slowly remove your jacket
And carefully place it on the back of the chair
You smooth out all the wrinkles
Carefully not to leave any behind

I watch as you remove
All your clothes one at a time
Folding each into perfect quadrangles
Piling it on the extra chair in the bedroom

And then you stand back
In your naked splendour
Surveying your handiwork
Reviewing the geometric patterns

I know while leaving how
You'll put them on with the same care
Not leaving a trace of the afternoon
No wrinkles, no hair out of place

The only lines I see are the ones on your body
The only thing I want to do with your clothes
Is tear them off you, dishevel your hair
The urgent need I have has nothing to do with neatness
Whoever said the mistress has the exciting life?


Anonymous said...

wow! I am speechless! u wrote it?


Nandita said...

@chandni: Yup. Thank you :-) And Congratulations! I'm sure The Boy --> The a lucky one.

tejal said...

dude, what happened to the tom boy who used to be my friend? who is this person who wears bangles to work and writes this? were u always a closet romantic? or is it just time that u .... u know.... ;)


tejal said...

oh... was so busy being a bitch that forgot to write "good work" :)