Friday, August 10, 2007

Today, I saw a rainbow

As the bus rolled to a stop,
I saw out of the front glass

And I saw an stole
A stole stretched
Around the shoulders
Of grey clouds

A rainbow
Spread across a canvas of grey

Bright and soft colours
Pink and Mauve
Yellow and blue
Red and violet

Starting from one cloud
And reaching out to another
A backdrop
To caves of steel and glass

The bright greens
The lit and unlit hills
All paling in comparison
To this sweep of colours

I traced each colour
with my finger, from
one end to the other
Feeling the color on my skin

Today, I bathed
In sunlight and in rain
And in colour

Today, I saw a rainbow
I didn't search today
It came to me

1 comment:

GT said...

I too saw a rainbow yesterday when I was in a bus. Not quite surprising if we take into consideration that we work in the same place! :-P

It was quite strange to see people jumping on top of each other to have a glimpse of the rainbow... Everyone likes to see a miracle! :)