Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Smoking!

There in a Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) stall in my office that serves 90 ml size glasses of tea/coffee, some milkshakes and a few pattices and sandwiches. This CCD stall is located in the midst of a beautiful green lawn , shady trees and a, yes its true, a well.
So logically it figures, this had become the most popular place for a smoke. Everyday at any hour you could see group of smokers standing around or sitting on the wall of the well, having their smoke and lemon tea around the CCD even though there are designated smoking areas elsewhere.

Eventually, my office administration did, what any office administration would do. It put up a "No Smoking" board right next to the CCD stall.

Now, the people in my office are very law-abiding. They also strive to be extremely accurate.

Now, you will never see anybody smoking in front of the "No smoking" board.

They all smoke behind the CCD stall, always keeping at least a 3 feet distance from the "No Smoking" board.

We are very conscientious about our rules.


tejal said...

speaking of conscientious.... was that well built by Infy?....
or did it belong to a famer who had land where the CCD now stands and it was grabbed for him/her so that some white collared junkies could stand around the well... smoking?

Nandita said...

well, i'll think of that every single time i go there now...