Thursday, March 22, 2007

My basic matter is going crazy

So lets see if i remember this correctly...

Every animate and inanimate object is made up of molecules.
Molecules are made of atoms.
Atoms are made of electrons...
OK, I know that there are smaller bits of matter..
but i don't remember them and besides i like these lets just stick to them....

So these electrons that my body is made up of.....

GAWD DAMN IT! They are going crazy!!!

I feel like every single electron in my body is in some hyper excited state.
I can actually feel them jumping about..visiting the different orbits...going berserk basically!

Last night as I lay on my bed, trying to relax my body so that I could fall asleep...
I could feel all the electrons getting ready to party!

Every single particle in my body was tingling with excitement.
My heart was beating faster.

I felt massively, unfathomably happy.
I don't know why I am feeling this way now-a-days.
I am irrationally exuberant. I smile and grin all the time!!!

I smile to myself as I go to sleep
I am grinning to myself in the bus on my way to work
I work for 14 hours and go energy levels are still at an all time high
I feel like singing and dancing...
(and this is normally at around 11-12 at i apologise to anybody i might have disturbed)

For those who are having a difficult time understanding this..let me give you an example...
(I have heard) it is similar to the feeling you have when you meet someone new, you just start going around, you are falling in love.
You walk around the whole day with a huge grin plastered on your face.
You smile at arbid people.
Try, as you like, you can't stop smiling.

That's how I am.
I am NOT in love.
I have NOT met anybody.
I'm NOT going around!
I have what you called a non-existent personal/love life.

I'm high! I'm high! I'm high!
I can't help it!
I'm just going crazy!
I can't stop smiling
I don't know why,
but I'm high, high, high! i have lost it...

My basic matter is going crazy...and...
"I am loving it!"

Cheers baby!

P.S: I am knocking on wood as I write this...

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