Monday, March 05, 2007

Half-full beer glass

If it aint a happy ending, then the story aint over yet...
Its called being an unrealistic optimist...

You aren't one of those whos meant to bear the pushes and shoves of fate
You are of those who take fate by the scruff of its neck
Take it to the corner and say, "look here dude...
Stop messing around with my life...this aint your playground..back off"

So go... yell at fate, my friend, and tell it to shut its trap!

I don't know you too long
And I don't know you too well
But I know enough to know,
If its a fairytale
Then you aint the dwarf

Brace yourself
Tomorrow is going to hit you
Good tomorrows, great tomorrows
Better days and better times

Heres to hoping all your wishes coming true
Heres to the hope of being in the right place at the right time
Heres to good health, love, luck and a full-on kick-ass to fate
Heres to a half-full beer glass.
What the heck!
Hope your beer glass runneth over.

Hic. TC.


Manish Saini said...

If it ain't DEPARTED, then the story ain't over yet......

:(( no daru until on bed :((

Silkworm said...

Thanks for all the suggestions :)You wouldn't be part of Teamtnt if you weren't obssessive and crazy. In tnt language, we call it 'toi-toi-ness.'