Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Its the one with the attractive front gate...

Saw a billboard sign for a new apartment complex today in pune...It had photos with accompanying captions for all the usuals...The manicured lawn, the clubhouse, the pool, the 20 floors per building, fallala fallala...but then it had one photo/feature that took your breath away. It had one feature that astounded your senses...that made you salivate, it made you fantasise about living there..the photo and the caption was "An attractive front gate!!!" Ppaaraaaa Parrraaaaa!!!!
Oh my Gawd! now i know why i could never understand the high rents in pune..obviously i wasnt noticing the importanat features at all. I never even looked at the front gates to see if they were "attractive" or not. I mean who wants, running water, fire safety, good roads, etc when you can have...u can have...oh my Gawd!!!...AN ATTRACTIVE FRONT GATE!!!!
Please to note: Its not just any front gate...its an attractive front gate

Now you dont need to have a postal address...you just need to direct people by saying " its the one with the attractive front gate"

Note to myself; Please revisit fundas on house buyer needs and wants as well as advertising...You need to refresh your knowledge!!!!

P.S: This is not meant as any kind of disrespect to front gates. I sincerely apologise if I have inadvertantly offended any front gates. I like you. I really do. And if you are attractive, even better so..but darlin front gate..do u really feel you must be advertised?

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