Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rain, Rain come again!!!

I got up this morning feeling very very cold...i had actually wrapped myself into a feotal position...
yipdee!!!!...the weather has finally changed...has the winter (read indian (hyd) winters: whr u dont faint from the heat) ..has it finally arrived...????
its only after i stepped out did i realized it had rained last night...and thats why temperatures had dropped
Anyways, the weather was simply brilliant today..the sky was slightly overcast and a there was a slight drizzle
For the uninitiated, it time for a little education.
See, in Hyderabad, India, it doesn’t actually rain, it only drizzles…
And if you been brought up on a healthy Mumbai diet of pouring cats and dogs, lightning, thunderstorms, waist high water, you walking completely drenched…the drizzle doesn’t just make the cut….
However, I wont complain, since the weather was awesome…
Besides hyd doesn’t completely disappoint on the rain front.
Firstly, temperatures drop to a really pleasant chill (for normal ppl)(for ppl like me…I get out the sweaters and jackets!!)
Secondly, and much more importantly, that miniscule drizzle actually manages to flood the streets to a respectable ankle high water level at least. I didn’t believe any city in the world could have a drainage system worse than dear old mbai, but bless hyd…it keeps me hoping.
Now, that’s what I call rains!!!
So I am the sole person dressed formally (read: office formals) on the street, whos walking away merrily in ankle deep water (read dirty water), grinning silly-ly from ear-to-ear…I have even broken out into singing once in a while.
My roommates have given up on me. I am sure they ( and most of the ppl who live on my road) think I am deranged…I mean they cannot understand that normal ppl might like walking through calf length dirty water..kicking and spurting water all around…!!!they are strange, like that! Whats not to understand??!!!

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