Friday, June 17, 2011


I have been contemplating changing my entire outlook to life. Or book buying as we call it. I am one of those wonders, who has a problem with libraries. Don't get me wrong...I love a good library and love to select books in one. My only problem with them is this - they want their books back once you finish reading them.

That I do not like.

Because once I have finished reading a book, I go back and keep it back in the shelf. Every once in a while, I open the cupboard and look at lovingly, bringing back the fond memories. I remember where I bought it from. Or how I came to know about it. I remember the first time in bed together and looking across at the book, the morning after.

After a few months I like to pick it up again and re-read it. On the 2nd read I discover so much I had not noticed the first time. I look forward to reaching certain passages I remember from the last time. And when friends come over to stay, I recommend certain books they can read based on genre, fiction, non-fiction, speed, etc. But only for the duration of the stay. I do not lend books. 'Nuff Said.

But lately I have been coming across different people extolling the virtues of this library or that. I have been hearing cries from different corners telling me that I should join a library. Mates have pointed out sooner or later, other expenses will take precedence, and I will have to sacrifice my book buying habit.

Again and again, the library is being thrown in my path. Metaphorically speaking of course. And it doesn't help that a very good one is present, a stones throw away from my apartment. 

Slowly I have begun to wonder if I need a complete refurbishment to my book buying outlook. A paradigm shift if you will. 

Is it time I ask, to step over the threshold of a library?

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