Monday, March 21, 2011

Mirchi - 'Tis been a pleasure

A white french beard, pristine white hair with a lock falling over his forehead, sitting on the table and an attitude that made him stand out- Prof. Chandrasen Mirchandani will forever be "Mirchi".

Handsome, debonair, witty, classy. The man who taught us that life was about having a grilled red snapper at one hand and a glass of Glenfiddich at the other. The man who taught us Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management and a whole lot more. His case study of a single guy trying to find a woman in a b-school using targeting of a customer group and marketing strategy, was legendary. He brought out a passion in the class that made his lectures incredibly exciting. He always asked piercing questions, forcing us to think beyond the superficial clich├ęd answers that we were ready with.

Cool enough to use phrases such as foreplay and getting laid in class, he was a stickler for getting facts right. If anybody made an assumption  that the market was going to grow by 5% (as MBA students are prone to do) - he'd cut the student down to size by sarcastically asking him to be ambitious and assume 50% growth. Why stop at 5%?! He'd then point out how the market growth rate was mentioned in the case study on the 3 line of the 5th footnote on page 23. Didn't we read the case study?! He taught to us to always, always read the fine print.

Mirchi was the one who encouraged us to opt out of the placement process - begin a start-up, take risks. Most of us were too chicken to follow your advice Sir.

I still remember Mirchi's stories of his time in Jamshedpur. How they had defended a boy who eloped with some girl from a rival college. How they'ed stood up to knives and  switchblades. And how they were all now respected professors, deans of colleges and much more refined men. He had lived, and how!

He had the girls swooning over him in class. I wonder if he knew that the women stared open mouthed as he leaned back on the table and expounded about a case study. I think he's the one who started my fascination of men with french beards. Thanks to him - I'm instantly attracted to any man in a french beard.  
My husband, to this day is convinced that when he gets older, he will as handsome and debonair as Mirchi and will have all the girls swooning over him. Ha!

He could sit down and have dinner, lunch or mebbe just a glass of the good stuff with a room full of students who were half his age and still talk to them as equals. He was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration.

Sir, you have left behind a whole lot of ignited minds and broken hearts. RIP Mirchi.


shinta said...

I share the sentiment (maybe not the french bear bit). Prof. Mirchi was a nothing short of a GIM legend.

ssoggo said...

He was the greatest teacher I have known, one of the very few to inspire and bring forth originality!

I can't forget that when I was low, he would pick me out in class to make me participate and make me feel special even though he had no idea why I was down...

He broke all conventions, all laid rules, and he ruled!

Here's to the guy who made many hearts soar and whose legend will remain forever more!

P.S. Is it weird that right now I worry about his blog Mirchi's Musings?

Nikku said...

I still remember afresh him taking the case of gundeep on his remark on 'I have come with an open mind' in one his usual lectures, he made folklores out of mere mortals like us all...

Arun said...

I loved that man for just the passion of everything. He was too good. I think he was the favourite of my whole batch for just the way he used to Live his life King Size. I still remember the story of one my seniors burning his french with his lighter accidently. Its seems all this happened moments ago.