Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quirky Me

1)In the days of young, when I had to move through the house, instead of walking I used to pretend to be riding a bike, complete with the engine noise. I used to make the pretend engine noise using my lips..."brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" with my hands outstreched in front as if holding handlebars. My imaginary bike.

2) When asked "What you doing?", I am capable of saying, "Lying on the sofa and being cute"

3)Washing vessels (the regular way with my hands, not using a dishwasher): Makes me extraordinarily happy and revitalizes me. And I can do this in the middle of the night after a long tired day. It refreshes me. I sometimes get out of control and wash more vessels then required.

4)I arrange all my cosmetics in my wardrobe by height order, but sometimes I let 2 hair products remain together even if one is short and one is tall. Just because they are "friends". I'm nice like that.

5) I make excel sheets for everything. For everything! A friend and I once were planning for a weekend trip out of town. We made an excel sheet.

6)I create stories in my head complete with bollywood style song and dance routine and background melodramatic scores, while travelling, to entertain myself. I am that person smiling to herself in the bus.

7)I get high on food. All cute and giggly. I do.

8)I have to (HAVE TO!) do a 360 degree turn in bed before I find my comfort position and fall asleep. But the 360 degree turn is essential.

9) Most people tend to hit and slap/shake machines when they don't work like they are supposed to or get slow. You will see this specially with CPUs. I talk to them gently and try to motivate them by bringing out their good points. I have my Machine Management skills in place.

10)When I walking with 3-4 people or more, I can never walk in a straight line. I walk across the 4 people in front of them so that I can converse with all of them.Then I cross back in front of them to my side. I had a friend who used to throw pebbles at my legs because of this habit.

Friends & Family, thank you for still loving me.


Aushin said...

Certainly quirky , very quirky but cute :)

Gautam Begde said...

we all have our idiosyncracies and it makes us special...
and btw happy 2 see u back:)

Nandan said...

Oho look who is complimenting!!! Do i see cheeks going from red to burgundy :)

tejal said...

Dear god!!! making excel sheets for EVERYTHING (including your friends' wedding) is cute???? i wonder what the commenters to this blog will say when the blogger is planning her own wedding!!! hee hee....

Aparna said...

Hello! and good to see you back or what! :D

Ummmm no, you could not walk in straight line even when I was the only one walking with you!

And yes, I have seen you sit all by yourself and smile - on the bus as well as in the foodcourt! Listening to music or reading a book!

You also have penchant for funny bollywood songs and singing and dancing on them outta blue! Cannot forget Tainu leke main javanga - thanks to you!


Archana said...

Ah, I can barely tolerate washing dishes. The day all dishes become disposable will be the happiest one in my life!

And question, how do you lie on the sofa and be cute? Genuine doubt.