Monday, January 14, 2008

Special Skills

Whenever I hear about having special skills or talents ( i guess here we are talking about skills other than having opposable thumbs), i give myself a pat in the this is quite difficult...what with me not being very swelt and flexible any more...but i digress.

So my special skill is that I can skillfully work my blog/ short stories page into any conversation, into any chat window, into any mail. I can casually throw the name around at parties. I have even been able to work it into conversations at work about arbid technologies.

Its even more painful for the other party involved, if there is a PC around. I will pretend to help the unwilling reader by opening my page and like a mother does, of a child, showing off every boring detail about it. I will talk about the design and posts/ stories that are my favourites. Of course the definition of the "favourite" could include photographs, copied quotes, absolutely anything. Its called flexible categorization. I will be working on a paper on this soon.

But the skill doesn't really stop at mentioning it off-hand. See, most people I meet are always polite enough to say, please send us the address. (Note to Self: Then don't really mean this!)
I then proceed to tell them exactly how to get to my short story page and then I follow up by sending them a mail with both the addresses. I'm quite determined as you can see. I'm sure there is an underground movement forming to thwart my excesses. Did that sound just a little bit sinful??

Anyways, since I'm not posting too much and I haven't written a short story for ages, this skill is getting a little blunt now-a-days. I mean I have a conscious you see. But as more of my friends have started a-blogging recently, it has created a renewed surge of exchanging blog ids.

I think I would also do well as as one of those secret service agents who extract information from the good/ bad guys. I am a marvel at subtly(?) leading on the witness (victim?) till he/ she spills the required compliment on the writing. You have to see it to believe it. I'm quite a pro.

Recently, I have noticed a tendency of people to disperse as I approach them. There is also a flurry of PCs being switched off and available blank paper and pens, pencils being hastily shoved out of sight. I don't quite get why this is happening. Me thinks I will do a study on this and post it either on my blog or maybe I'll creatively turn into a story and post it on Ha! Gotcha!

You didn't see that coming, did ya?

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Nikhil said...

Sigh, this after all the conscientiousness work. "blogger" can such be an ugly dismissive word.
May your child fruit and flower, and yayness spread through the lands.

"scratch my back too" is such a naughty thing to say.