Monday, July 09, 2007

I just bought an Alpenliebe Strawberry Lollipop. Am damn excited about it. Not everybody stocks them. So its a rare find. Too bad I can't have it in office. You think I'll be the blacklisted in office if I have the lollipop right here at my desk while working. It would be fun to see the reactions.

I dunno why people think its childish to enjoy a lollipop. So fine, its associated with children. So are chocolates and bike rides. But that didnt stop the oldies from doing it did it. So I say, there aint anything wrong with enjoying a classy lick of a lollipop. Especially one with pink and one stripes. I think its very becoming.


rads said...

haha, lollipops bring out the child in you :)

I like the taste, just not the sticky feeling. Guess Ive wiped too many sticky faces and hands :))

leoNYdas said...

lol. Good thing about my office is that no one really minds/cares what you do. So I have had lollipops in my office. ;)

Nandita Mundle said...

Excellent employee motivation I say!!!